Frequently asked questions

Here you can find the answers to frequently asked questions about the BELITEC® cabinet bed:

Where can I obtain a BELITEC® cabinet bed?

We collaborate with qualified property furnishers and joinery workshops and forward your enquiry to our trade partners in your region. The property furnisher or joinery workshop considers your requirements in detail, advises you on all the key issues and then draws up a corresponding quotation.

What happens if I suffer a power failure?

No problem, the bed features so-called emergency lowering actuated via a handset. Thus, your motorised cabinet bed can still be operated. You will find corresponding information on this in the Operating Instructions supplied.

What about electronic smog?

There isn’t any!

How long is the bed under guarantee?

The statutory guarantee period is two years.

How and where can I get a replacement mattress?

From our partner companies:

What type of material is the mattress made from?

It’s a high-quality cold-foam mattress with a cotton covering.

Is the mattress susceptible to mildew?

No, the so-called “chimney effect” in the cabinet ensures good ventilation.

What is the estimated delivery time for a motorised cabinet bed?

On average around four weeks. But this also depends on your individual wishes in consultation with the property builder.

Who carries out assembly and installation?

Trained fitters of the property builders.

Does the cabinet bed’s drive motor need to be regularly serviced?

No, the drive is maintenance-free.

Are there oversized versions for particularly large people?

Yes, up to a maximum size of 210 cm.

How high is the top edge of the bed?

55 cm, thus a convenient height, especially for older people.

Can I purchase a motorised BELITEC® cabinet bed also directly from yourselves?

No, we supply exclusively via our partner companies who also manufacture the corresponding furniture to combine with your cabinet bed.

Who takes care of the service?

Our partner companies.

Is the system safety-tested?

The system is inspected and approved by the German TÜV.

Are there any alternatives to BELITEC®?

Apart from the known and awkward-to-use folding beds, the BELITEC® System is unique.

How sturdy is the construction and is it also suitable for persons of a heavier bodyweight?

The construction is extremely sturdy and capable of supporting persons of a heavier bodyweight.

Is the mattress on a double bed in one piece?

From a bed width of 160 cm the mattress is a two-piece mattress.

Do you or your trade partners deliver throughout Germany?

Yes, we deliver across the whole of Germany.

In which countries are you still represented?

The BELITEC® System is delivered worldwide but is always “Made in Germany“.

General assembly drawings for property furnishers and joinery workshops

Here we give you a brief overview of general assembly drawings of our BELITEC® foldaway beds. Furthermore you can easily downlowd pdf files.