Hartmann – leading the way in the manufacture of standard and special parts for the slatted bed frame, bed and furniture industry.

Tradition at Hartmann

For over 35 years the company Hartmann Kunststofftechnik from Herford, Germany, has been a leader in the manufacture of standard and special parts for the slatted bed frame, bed and furniture industry. The success story began back in 1973 on the former premises of a blacksmith’s shop. As a result of Hartmann’s pioneering developments, the initial manufacture of simple plastic, rubber and synthetic rubber parts for the slatted frame industry, has been perfected to become a worldwide “Healthy Sleep” philosophy.

Production at Hartmann

In collaboration with recognised orthopaedic and anatomy specialists Hartmann continues to be a ground-breaking supplier to manufacturers involved in all aspects of the bed industry, and to end users likewise. It goes without saying that the company processes high-grade materials that are entirely recyclable. Hartmann has long been represented worldwide and can boast a continually growing export share. In three factories equipped with ultra-modern machinery and a more than 100-strong workforce, products are manufactured that have gained global recognition.

Innovation at Hartmann

At the start of the 1990s the Herford-based company expanded its production programme to include drive motors for slatted bed frames and convertible furniture.  A highlight from the extensive Hartmann-asytec range is BELITEC®, a motorised drive system with high-quality slatted bed frame and latex mattress that can be built into any cabinet, shelving or room-divider. What’s exceptional about this system is that the entire technology can be installed in one third of the cabinet space only, without even being recognisable as a bed. At the touch of a button and with no effort whatsoever, this high-quality bed can be remote-controlled to travel in and out of the furniture as needed. In this way, valuable living space quickly transforms into a bedroom.

Progression at Hartmann

Hartmann offers professional solutions also in the sector of motorised drives for slatted frames. One example is the Asyromatic. The drive is based on a self-retracting belt, as is known from seat belt systems used in the automotive industry. In 1999 the Hartmann Group introduced a QM system in accordance with ISO 9001 in order to adequately manage the ever increasing demands of the markets. Hartmann Kunststofftechnik will extend its market leadership also in the new millennium by developing and implementing forward-looking ideas as well as providing fresh impetus to promote restful, healthy sleep.


The philosophy of healthy sleep

Hartmann Kunststofftechnik as a supplier to the bed and slatted frame industry sets standards in the philosophy of healthy sleep. Healthy, restorative sleep fulfils vital bodily functions: on the one hand the spinal column is regenerated and on the other essential metabolic processes take place, promoting restoration of the cellular tissues. In principle there are two key components to guarantee a restful night’s sleep:

1. The mattress

  • The mattress must offer the person lying on it good, anatomically correct support of the body in all sleeping positions.

  • A good mattress supports the entire body uniformly and moulds to the body shape. It only yields at the point of load (point elasticity) but not in its broader surrounding area.

  • The position of a sleeper changes roughly 30-50 times per night. That’s why, if possible, the mattress should only reverberate briefly.

  • A good mattress must allow produced bodily fluid to escape into the atmosphere, thus imparting a pleasantly dry sleeping climate (vertical and horizontal air circulation).

  • It is recommended that even a good mattress be replaced every 7 - 10 years. The reasons for this are diminishing hygienic properties and the fatigue of the upholstery materials.

  • It is also desirable to adjust the level of firmness to the individual weight of the person lying on it.

2. The slatted frame

A good slatted frame must precisely adapt to the anatomical characteristics of the body, bearing in mind that every body part places different demands. The neck area should be slightly raised, the shoulder and buttock areas slightly lowered, with the small of the back area, however, providing a supportive effect.

To summarise: an adaptable slatted bed frame is just as important as a mattress with point elasticity. We recommend that you try before you buy, in other words take a “sleep test”, and make sure you get expert advice.

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