BELITEC® cabinet bed system

BELITEC® cabinet bed – the bed that travels out of the cabinet

BELITEC@ - the space-saving, power-driven cabinet bed system with high-quality slatted bed frame and cold-foam mattress can be built into any cabinet or room-divider.

Electrically driven, both bed frame and mattress disappear into the plinth and behind a vertical partition in the cabinet. The bed takes up no more than a third of the useable cabinet space, thus also saving space in the cabinet while retaining its full functionality.

The solution to practically any space-saving requirement

Whether in flats, apartments, hotels or clinics – the BELITECO® cabinet bed has already proven itself in practice many times over. Both private as well as commercial users are equally impressed.


Space-saving at the touch of a button

This space-saving bed can be conveniently operated to travel in and out of the cabinet, converting valuable living space into a comfortable bedroom, as and when required. During the day it disappears back into the cabinet again just as quickly, complete with bed frame and mattress.

BELITEC® cabinet beds are ideal for holiday flats, apartments, guestrooms and teenagers’ bedrooms and in any situation where lack of space excludes the use of a standard bed. What’s more, the possibilities of combining the bed with the cabinet are virtually endless.

Every cabinet bed equipped with BELITEC® technology
represents an individual solution.


Sleeping comfort guaranteed!

With the BELITEC® sleeping system you don‘t have to forgo the comfort of a conventional bed. A deep, restful and healthy night’s sleep is extremely important and depends on a range of different factors. One of the key requirements is a sleeping surface that adapts to the body of the person lying on it:

The slatted bed frame

A good bed frame must adapt precisely to the body’s anatomy, bearing in mind that each part of the body places different demands, The BELEC® bed base comprises a high-quality slatted bed frame system that guarantees a healthy, restful night’s sleep.

The cold-foam mattress

The BELITEC® cabinet bed is perfectly complemented by a mattress with an optimal restoring force and a high degree of stability. Our cold-foam mattresses have a high-quality, temperature-regulating terry-towelling cover, ensuring the best possible air-moisture exchange.

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The BELITEC® cabinet bed has won you over?

The BELITEC® foldaway bed is assembled and installed by our trained team. We will be happy to advise you in detail on all important questions and provide you with an appropriate quotation.

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